'Notes of Thanks'  from donor organizations

"Dear Friends, Thank you again for thinking of Chrysalis House with your $2,500 contribution. Each time we reach out to you, you respond. We are fortunate to have so many loyal supporters from the local community and I am glad to extend our gratitude to you and all of them. With sincerest thanks and gratitude, we enjoyed our visit in Spring 2022."

~ Christopher McCabe, Executive Director, Chrysalis House, Inc.

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"Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Thank you for your donation in the amount of $3,500 to support HOPE For All as we seek to provide basic necessities to families struggling in our community. At face value, your contributions supply our clients with clothing, furniture, and household goods. As homes transform, our hope is that clients recognize that it is God who faithfully loves and provides for his children. We are truly grateful for your continued and generous support of His Mission HOPE. May your New Year be filled with love, hope, joy, peace, good health, and His Blessings."

~ Connie Cooper, Executive Director, HOPE For All

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"I very much appreciate your kindness and generosity. There would not be an Arundel House Of Hope and its clients without congregations like St. Christopher By The Sea. AHOH gratefully appreciates the love and care that went into donating those beautiful items to help the vulnerable population that we serve in our community. They certainly will help our clients. Thank you for your support."

~ Charity Cummings, Director of Winter Relief, Arundel House of Hope

"Dear Friends, We are grateful for your gift of $2,000 to Sarah's House. Thank you for helping our neighbors build their lives and take steps toward fulfillment. With your help, we connect each person with the tools and resources needed to overcome barriers, creating a future that isn't predicated on a past. Because of you and people like you, hope is restored where hope had been lost."

~ William McCarthy, Jr., Executive Director, Catholic Charities

Full letter here.

"I just wanted to follow up to thank St. Christopher By the Sea for the chance to join the congregation on Sunday and talk about Providence Center! Our new Horticulturist starts on Monday. Once she is settled, I’ll connect you both by email in case there is ever a need for our plants. We’d also love to host the Garden Club or come out to speak if there is an interest in natives. Great to see you and thanks again!"

~ Aimee (Bullen), Director of Development, Providence Center

(Daughter of Pete and Ginny Shaeffer, and sister of Bart Shaeffer)